3D-XTC Interactive VR

The 3D-XTC system is a StrayLight proprietary Virtual Reality platform, which runs StrayLight's custom-designed interactive Virtual Reality experiences.Inside the 3D-XTC systems, guests wear high-end Virtual Reality helmets and are in complete control of where they look and what they do, using sophisticated Virtual Reality tracking technology. Inside this artificial 360° computer-generated world, clients capture 100% of the guest's attention.

StrayLight offers several stock VR experiences, and can customize a client specific VR experience quickly and inexpensively from one of our many game templates.  Template customization includes client logos, complete game decor makeover, complete audio tracks, competitive scoring, custom video introductions and endings, and customized game action to represent client specific goals. StrayLight has completed hundreds of template customizations spanning diverse industries including: pharmaceutical mechanism of action, manufacturing, e-commerce, consumer products, and networking technology.

For the ultimate VR experience, let us create a fully customized VR world. Our game tools provide you with networked game action, competitive scoring, 3D sound, fully textured 3D environments, high quality lighting effects, and multiple game levels for all player skills.

Designed for on-site promotions, each 3D-XTC has a small footprint, approximately 3.5' x 5' and requires standard power of 220 watts @110 volts.