VR Demonstrates Pure Enzymes at BIO International Conference

Explaining biotechnology at the cellular level is often difficult, but StrayLight's custom Virtual Reality brought a whole new perspective to the BIO International Conference for Novozymes of Denmark. Their enzyme creation process is unique in that it does not use animal products and thus is much "purer" than other processes.

StrayLight created a custom VR game where booth attendees got down to the cellular level and purified the entire enzyme creation process, much as Novozymes does in its biotech production lines. VR participants were competitively scored, with the high scores displayed on flat screen monitors around the booth. The competitive nature of the game gathered large crowds and long lines of potential VR participants looking to best the top scores.

Virtual Reality is a perfect medium to transport guests into invisible worlds and allow them to interactively discover the workings of complex cellular processes. Each participant gets a unique experience, but the overall lesson is always delivered with maximum impact.