Promoting Seatbelt Safety in 3D for St. Louis Children's Hospital

StrayLight's 3D cameras are on the loose again shooting another teen driving safety film in 3D to promote Seatbelt Safety for St. Louis Children's Hospital. Our 3D cameras have proven themselves over and over again in the realm of driving safety, having been used on two prior productions: "Dead On" and "Deja Vu" which have now been on tour for almost 7 years. While the prior two films targetted drinking and driving, this latest film: "The Ride is Over" focuses on the important issue of seatbelt safety.

The storyline begins with 2 high school students taking pride in their sweet ride, a customized car that they've spent the year working on. The story takes a wrong turn when they're involved in a head-on collision with one student belted in and the other, not. We're then transported to the emergency room where our belted rider, untouched by the crash, waits in terror outside the operating room where his unbelted friend is dying.

Shot completely on location on the streets of St. Louis and inside Children's Hospital, "The Ride is Over" is a gritty, realistic portrayal, emphasized even more by the 3D stereoscopic effects of StrayLight's cameras. The film's producer, Blue Telescope of New York has worked with StrayLight on several 3D productions, and also licensed StrayLight 3D stock footage for the St. Louis production. They chose StrayLight's 3D cameras for their visual quality and cinematographer friendly interface which allows real time 3D previews on location.