3D Documentary Melds Indian Culture with Technology

Shot completely on location in south eastern India, StrayLight's new 3D documentary depicts both the traditional and cutting-edge aspects of the great sub-continent. Intended for a domestic Indian audience, the film combines StrayLight's expertise in 3D videography with local talent and crew. StrayLight's founder, Tony Asch, headed up the filming team. "India is truely an amazing place for 3D", says Asch. "There's such a rich and vibrant visual landscape, an incredible level of technological awareness, and a deeply rooted appreciation for cinema. It's the perfect storm for 3D."

The new 3D film debuted at the National Institute of Technology, Trichy (NITT), a premiere engineering university. On the opening night thousands, from all over India, came to screen the film. The opening was hosted by Pragyan, the 4th annual Festival of Science and Technology at NITT. The StrayLight screening was one of the highlights of Pragyan, and Mr. Asch received an award for his work on the film. Since then the film has been shown publicly numerous times throughout India.