Virtual 3D Theater for PGA and DiGiorno Pizza on Tour
While wearing special 3D glasses, children across the country will experience what it feels like to soar through the air like a golf ball, inside StrayLight’s Virtual Theater system. Built inside a themed-tractor trailer, StrayLight provided the hardware, custom 3D content, and technical support for the youth-initiative program called "PGA TOUR Rolling Clubhouse, Presented by DIGIORNO Pizza".

Inside StrayLight’s stereoscopic animation, guests experience a lonely golf ball’s journey through eye-popping mishaps, from being chased by killer bees to being devoured by an alligator. The experience is so compelling, because the visuals are developed in a stereoscopic format, through a complicated dual-image process. The first-person camera-angles also add to the realistic effects. The guests feel like they are inside the story and experiencing the crazy 3D adventures for themselves. The tour’s corporate sponsors chose to have minimal branding inside the experience - PGA TOUR is seen and heard in the opening sequence, with the DIGIORNO logo appearing on a passing hot-air balloon and on the flagstick.

StrayLight scripted the animation to entertain a family-oriented market, with an emphasis on 12-17 year old demographics. The tour was developed to encourage children to become involved with golf at an earlier age. GMR Marketing is the promotional agency who created the program and is managing the tour.

Because this 2 year promotion is conducting over 60-70 events each year, GMR Marketing chose StrayLight’s Virtual Theater system for it’s proven track record of high reliability and durability. When StrayLight’s VR helmet-based theater promotion toured inside a double-decker bus for Hennessy Cognac, they experienced unbelievable up-time reports of 99%. Having worked with StrayLight before for various Virtual Reality-based tours, GMR Marketing returned again to the industry leader.

StrayLight’s Virtual Theater system was designed as a projected system to allow for large audience throughput. The paper 3D glasses serve a dual purpose; they are a viewing device for the projected stereoscopic visuals and an imprinted take-away item for theater guests. The PGA TOUR Rolling Clubhouse promotion will visit various locations, from retail parking-lots, to balloon festivals, to prestigious golf tournaments.