3D Production On Tour In Thailand

StrayLight Corp. has completed a Stereoscopic Film and installed a 3D Virtual Theater in Thailand as part of a Hennessy Cognac promotional tour. The stereoscopic theater, opened at the exclusive Pegasus Nightclub in Bangkok. Equipped with 3D audio, high resolution Head Mounted Displays (HMDs), and 12 motion seats, the 3D Theater transports its guests to 18th century France to experience first hand, the history behind Hennessy Cognac. This Virtual Theater travels throughout the Far East, bringing the 3D experience to festivals, restaurants, and night clubs.

"The creative and technical issues to create a mobile Virtual Theater were quite challenging" said Tony Asch, President of StrayLight Corp. StrayLight was also responsible for producing two unique 3D films shown in the Hennessy Theater. They combine 3D computer graphics with live 3D video footage, shot on location in Cognac, Hollywood, and Thailand. To produce the completely immersive 3D experiences StrayLight is known for, each frame of content has to be rendered two times, once for each eye, and then merged together in real time. "Unlike many 3D installations which emphasize only the technology, we wanted our guests to lose themselves in 18th century France. The battle scene scares the hell out of most participants." said Asch. "Its only when we fade to black at the end, that you realize it's just a film!"

Guests won't have any trouble locating StrayLight's Virtual Tour when it pulls into town, as the 3D Theater is housed inside a giant 80ft Cognac Barrel. Audience members enter the two storied Barrel to find StrayLight's Virtual Theater downstairs and a beautifully decorated 18th century French chateau and cognac-tasting room upstairs. As the hostesses dressed in period costumes seat guests in the Immersive Theater, the fun begins. The audience is immersed in the three dimensional dynamics of computer-generated images combined with live 3D video, and feel as if they are really running through the vineyards of France and flying through the insides of the cognac distilling chambers.

The journey virtually launches guests back in time, beginning with a 18th century battle scene. As the canons fire and the battle roars, you feel the intensity of the war. Your body shakes from the impact of the motion seat which is directly linked to each individual 3D sound system. Suddenly you are floating above the River Charente past the Hennessy's St. Brice Chateau in the village of Cognac, to meet the renown Richard Hennessy, the founder of Hennessy Cognac, for a personal tour of the Estate and a computer generated thrill ride through the distillery.

With a 3D Virtual Theater, Hennessy was able to better illustrate their complicated process of making cognac, by allowing guests to actually become part of the distilling process. A journey impossible to recreate in real life, StrayLight's Virtual Theater allows guests to experience products from a whole new perspective.