Wireless Competitive PDA Contest on Trade Show Floor

StrayLight debuted a new multiplay wireless PDA quiz game at the American Academy of Audiology for Oticon, an innovative designer and manufacturer of hearing aid systems. Guests to the Oticon booth picked up an HP personal digital assistant, registered for the contest, and then could wander the booth, playing Oticon's interactive quiz game. High scorers received various prizes.

The StrayLight developed quiz game is unique because all the players, up to hundreds, are wirelessly tethered to each other and the game server which can be either local on the trade show floor or secured on a server farm anywhere on the internet. High scores and other game stats are displayed on large plasma screens throughout the booth, updating in real time over the wireless links.

For Oticon, this quiz game approach was a huge success, involving guests in a competitive manner without tying them down to a single location in the booth. Booth staff could interact with the game players, walking them through the many exhibit stations in the booth, all while encouraging interactive game play. An extra benefit was that each player's badge data was logged into Oticon's tracking system at the beginning of game play.

StrayLight's wireless game system is easily programmed for any clients Q&A and graphics. Q&A metrics are automatically recorded and updated on the data server in real time. GPS equipped PDAs can even track the player's location on the trade show floor.