VR Theaters at Montreal Entertainment Center
StrayLight Corp. was chosen by Metaforia, a high-tech entertainment company, to be the key technology provider in Metaforia's new Virtual Reality Entertainment Center. After being dubbed the "coolest" attraction at the '98 World's Fair in Lisbon, Portugal, Metaforia Inc. opened Oceania, their second Virtual Reality Center, this time in their hometown Montreal, Canada. Oceania is a 40-minute Virtual Reality ride, based on two different StrayLight VR systems, where Metaforia couples the art of storytelling with advanced technology to achieve an integrated attraction, which virtually launches guests to the bottom of the sea to discover the lost civilization of Oceania.

After StrayLight's 100% uptime record in Portugal, Metaforia called upon their longtime vendor, to design, integrate and install two of the three largest and most advanced technologies in the new Montreal center. StrayLight first provided a large-screen 3-D High Definition Video Projection System, where guests wear stereoscopic 3-D glasses as they journey through the magical worlds of Oceania. The grandeur and elegance of the ancient world is presented on a 35' screen at film resolution, so that guests feel fully immersed in the culture of this lost civilization.

The second half of the installation consists of StrayLight's proprietary Magna-Scope theater, which StrayLight developed specifically for the VR Center in Portugal. Themed as individual submarines, each Magna-Scope acts as a virtual periscope allowing guests to journey into the deep blue sea. StrayLight's technology incorporates wide format 3D optics, which enhances the depth illusion and image density, adding to the realism of the experience. Each guest is immersed inside the beautifully crafted computer-generated environment, with special effects such as vibrating seats and rotating turntables, all of which add to the experience fantasy. As one guest wrote "It is like walking around inside an IMAX movie!"

Victoria Massulli, StrayLight's VP of Marketing, said "We're proud to be part of Metaforia's Oceania, which is a landmark attraction on Saint Catherine Street in downtown Montreal." This 50,000sq./ft. center takes entertainment to a new level by using the most advanced visual and special effects technology to achieve a fully integrated entertainment experience.