Danzka Vodka - Worldwide VR Tour
StrayLight Corp. has delivered two of their customized Virtual Reality systems for Danisco Distillers, to be used in a promotional tour for DANZKA VODKA. StrayLight’s portable Virtual Reality 3D-XTC(tm) system was used last year and again this year, to introduce the Danish Vodka to Spain. Through on-premise promotions held at various bars, clubs, and restaurants, the Virtual Reality (VR), promotion significantly increased brand awareness, and the 3D-XTC(tm) VR system was chosen as the vehicle to attract the same attention to DANZKA VODKA in Mexico, with an expanded Virtual Reality Tour.

StrayLight’s 3D-XTC(tm) systems send players inside a real-time, interactive, three dimensional computer generated world. Here players don a Virtual Reality head-mounted display and maneuver with a 2 button hand controller, to explore the exhilarating VR terrain. The excitement from the VR action adventure, "DANZKA VODKA ON METAL", was shared by all the bar patrons through a large projection system, coupled with a 25 inch display monitor, which was directly linked to StrayLight’s 3D-XTC(tm) computer system.

StrayLight customized an existing Virtual Reality game with DANZKA VODKA logos, product placements, and video clips, for additional product impressions and a completely integrated cutting edge promotional campaign. Danisco Distillery saved a significant amount in development costs, by choosing to use an already existing experience, and adding custom components.

The DANZKA VODKA tour was able to visit locations of all sizes, due to the small footprint of the 3D-XTC(tm) system, less than 12 square feet. Because the 3D-XTC(tm) systems are specifically designed for the promotions market, they are extremely portable, and take less than 10 minutes to install and begin game play. The tour managers saved on logistical pre-site inspection costs, and transportation costs, as a result of the compact design of the system and the ease of installation and operation.