VR Fights Hemophilia
StrayLight Corp. has developed a Virtual Reality (VR) trade show promotion for Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals' NovoSeven medication for hemophiliacs. "The NovoSeven Experience: A Virtual Tour of Hemostasis" is an interactive VR game, which educates doctors on the mechanism of action (how it works in the body on a molecular level) of NovoSeven. The experience sends participants inside the bloodstream and challenges them to stop the bleeding in a patient with certain types of hemophilia. The custom VR promotion was launched in mid-October simultaneously at the Transfusion Medicine Expo (TXPO) and American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). That same month, in Sydney, Australia StrayLight's promotion was featured at the Intensive Critical Care Medicine (ICCM) show. The overwhelming success brought two more shows, each utilizing multiple units - the National Hemophilia Foundation show (NHF) and the American Society of Hematology (ASH).

StrayLight worked closely with the US office of Novo Nordisk and their agency Harrison and Star, to develop the Virtual Reality experience. The interactive game needed to be exciting, so as to generate foot traffic on the show floor, but at the same time required delivery of an educational message. In the end, a very successful balance was reached. The VR game challenges each player to quickly release adequate levels of NovoSeven into the blood vessel and stop as many bleeds as possible before the time runs out - the more hemostatic plugs that are formed, the higher the score. The corporate office of Novo Nordisk located in Denmark, was so intrigued by the virtual experience, that they hired StrayLight to bring the game to their large international event in Sydney, Australia, which ran for five days.

Depending on the show size, either one or two of StrayLight's VR platforms were showcased at each event. Each unit includes a sophisticated VR helmet with motion tracking and audio, and a stand-up platform with a hand controller. StrayLight's staff managed all of the events, providing a turnkey solution for Novo Nordisk.