VR Tackles Seizure Control for Keppra
StrayLight Corp. has developed a Virtual Reality (VR) trade show promotion for UCB Pharma's KEPPRA epilepsy medication. "Seizure Control" is an interactive VR game, which virtually transports doctors inside the brain to explore the action of KEPPRA and epileptic flare-ups. The custom VR promotion utilizes three of StrayLight's VR platforms and has appeared at multiple shows, including the American Epilepsy Society (AES) and the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) in Philadelphia.

UCB Pharma needed to attract doctors into their booth to educate them about three key KEPPRA points while generating excitement on the show floor. Working hand-in-hand with UCB Pharma's agency, Lally McFarland and Pantello (LM&P), StrayLight's creative team developed "Seizure Control" on a tight schedule, while meeting all the required timelines for regulatory review. The game action takes place inside the brain neuron; when players locate a seizure about to flare up, they strike back with KEPPRA, to help keep the seizure under control. The game was developed based on StrayLight's existing game template to stay within the client's modest budget. StrayLight altered the game so it became a 3-part experience, each section illustrating one of the main marketing messages. Educational slides with voice overs were the dividing mechanism, offering 30 seconds of game play during each section. "Seizure Control" also opened with a short animated video introducing the brand and the VR experience.

The launch of "Seizure Control" at AES surpassed both UCB Pharma's and LM&P's goals, and the VR game has been headlining KEPPRA's event schedule ever since. During each event, three of StrayLight's VR platforms are rented and the real-time game action is visible to bystanders through four large plasma screens, each connected to a VR station. Each player has the freedom to look around the 360° computerized world, by wearing StrayLight's Virtual Reality helmet, complete with a sophisticated motion tracking system.