Snack Attack VR Game for Nabisco
StrayLight Corp. has developed an interactive trade show promotion for Nabisco's booth at the FMI (Food Marketing Institute) show in Chicago, the industry's premier event. StrayLight's Virtual Reality game, entitled "Snack Attack", whisked visitors down a futuristic supermarket journey, where their favorite Nabisco product cravings could be filled. The game development was surprisingly economical because Nabisco was able to work off of an existing StrayLight game template - a semi-custom option allowing Nabisco to create a customized game by changing only certain graphic elements and sound effects.

Two of StrayLight's Virtual Reality systems, called 3D-XTC platforms, were rented as the centerpiece of the booth. As guests played the games, they strapped on a professional Virtual Reality (VR) helmet, took hold of their action packed joystick and zoomed off to an artificial snacking world. Each system was placed on a raised platform where an emcee organized head-to-head competitions and prizes were awarded for hi-scorers. Large video monitors were mounted high above each VR station so bystanders could follow the competition in real-time.

The "Snack Attack" game is themed as a hi-tech cash register checkout, where players are empowered to scan Nabisco snacks for points. Players aim and fire their scanning lasers to capture animated Nabisco products. Nabisco's leading brands from four different product categories were selected as the game characters: dancing Mr. Peanut, swirling OREO cookies, colorful LifeSavers and spiraling Milk Bone Dog Biscuits. The VR games complimented the booth's overall look and feel of a colorful festival, where people couldn't help but have fun!