VR Demonstrates Pet Food for IAMS and PETCO
StrayLight Corp.'s customized Virtual Reality game for IAMS Company headlined their booth at the PETCO's Store Manager's Meeting and Trade Show in Long Beach, California. The game titled, "Big Bang!" attracted hundreds of store managers into the PETCO booth to learn about the Eukanuba brand, it's new formulations, and it's packaging for cat and dog food. The hi-tech theme of the show, "Reach for the Stars", was a natural compliment to IAMS' choice of a large scale Virtual Reality promotion.

StrayLight's VR team enjoyed developing the game and were amused by the comical components of the experience. With Virtual paws swatting at bags of food and virtual dogteeth munching the chow, StrayLight's customized game promoted the launch of Eukanuba's new nutrition system. Sectioned into modules, players experienced three different missions complete with audio effects of dogs barking and panting, all supporting the new labeling and packaging of the Eukanuba product lines. Since IAMS has published more original research than all of it's competitors combined, and invests the largest percentage of sales into R&D, players were not only having fun, but also absorbing important information.

StrayLight provided four Virtual Reality stations, which were the centerpiece of the IAMS booth. The action of each VR game could be seen on individual monitors, so visitors could watch their colleagues partake in the fun! A virtual host, who assisted the players and sanitized the helmets between each guest, staffed each VR station. StrayLight's Virtual Reality game "Big Bang!" was delivered on StrayLight's proprietary 3D-XTC platform, which consists of a professional grade head mounted display, a stand-up pod, a hand controller and sophisticated tracking/VR technology.