Virtual Reality - "Steel Quest"
Over a two year period, the Steel Recycling Institute is using StrayLight’s Virtual Reality systems at multiple trade shows and corporate events nationwide. StrayLight’s 3D-XTC systems, are used to promote how easy and fun it can be to recycle steel products.

The Steel Recycling Institute chose to adapt an existing VR game to better illustrate their corporate message. The game is called "Steel Quest - … a virtual, recyclable, out-of-this-world experience, featuring North America’s No. 1 recyclable material: STEEL".

The VR players must find and recycle as many steel items as they can, in a three minute time frame. They are armed with a virtual hand magnet, and race through the Virtual Reality streets. Here the players recycle cans to cars, refrigerators to scissors, and any other steel items placed inside the game.

Since an existing VR game was chosen, StrayLight designed the game to better fit The Steel Recycling Institute’s message. The original hand controller was changed from a gun to a magnet, the "bad monsters" were changed to steel robots, and other game objects were changed to steel items, such as bicycles, barbells, appliances, cans, etc.

A lot of attention was paid to the details, making the game educational - the magnet showed that all steel is magnetic, and the transformation of steel objects demonstrated how steel can be used to create appliances, and then be recycled back again into everyday items.

When "Steel Quest" was complete, it looked like a fully customized VR game, costing significantly less than that of a fully customized experience.

"VR is certainly a hot topic, and so is recycling," says Diane Capezio, Marketing Communications Manager, at The Steel Recycling Institute. "We’ve put the two together and have made something that certainly will be remembered after people have left the show."