VR for Ecolab at Worldwide Food Expo
StrayLight Corp. has developed a customized Virtual Reality game to introduce an important new sanitation product to the dairy industry for Ecolab Inc. at the high profile Worldwide Food Expo trade show, in Chicago, Illinois. The booth’s focal point included four of StrayLight’s interactive Virtual Reality platforms, called 3D-XTC systems. Thousands of attendees obliterated microorganisms in the game titled "Operation Matrixx, A Virtual Sanitation Voyage".

To launch their next generation peracid sanitizer, Matrixx, Ecolab called on Virtual Reality leader, StrayLight Corp. to develop a fully interactive Virtual Reality (VR) game that would accomplish two primary goals: (1) to teach their clients the benefits of using Matrixx and (2) to create excitement surrounding Ecolab’s booth and thus their new product. Ecolab accomplished both of these goals, and gained immediate media exposure with both a cover photo and article in the Expo’s Show Daily.

Curious attendees stopped to see what all the excitement was about, as participants standing inside a hi-tech VR pod strapped on a high resolution VR helmet and took the controls of a highly sensitive hand weapon, the Matrixx Mazer. Inside the game, players were propelled down a dairy pipeline and challenged to sanitize this pipeline in only two minutes. The opposing forces were the evil microbes, ‘Lee Coli’, ‘Liz Steria’ and ‘Sue D. Monas’. The players were awarded a different number of points for each bug killed, based on the microbes’ difficulty level to kill in real-life. When the Matrixx cleaner killed the individual bugs, the Matrixx logo appeared over the doomed bacteria, and exploded across the screen.

The VR games were also displayed in real-time on four large computer monitors, staged next to each 3D-XTCÔ system. This allowed the people in line and the people in the aisles to follow each player’s action, thus generating an expanded presence on the show floor.

Ecolab Inc. chose to modify an existing 3D-XTCÔ game, "Cozmik Debris II" instead of producing a new game from scratch. Designed specifically as a game-source or template for corporate promotions, "Cozmik Debris II" offers maximum product exposure, with tremendous sponsorship opportunities. The cost savings of customization vs. new creation is tremendous; it also allows for a much faster development schedule.

"Cozmik Debris II" is a magical journey, where players fly through mazes of wild and wacky space tunnels. Along the way, players come face-to-face with bizarre life-forms and alien creatures. Their mission is to transform as many of these critters as possible, within the given time frame. For corporate promotions, StrayLight has changed Cozmik’s silly characters to animated products, such as flying Coke bottles, racing AVIS cars, and pesty bacteria. The space environments can also be changed to fit a particular theme, such as a river of rushing water, psychedelic time warps, layers of stone and brick - the options are limitless.