VR for Motorola Shows
StrayLight Corp. customized a Virtual Reality game for Motorola’s trade show promotion at CTIA’s Wireless show in Atlanta, Georgia. Drawing a tremendous crowd, two of StrayLight’s interactive 3D-XTC Virtual Reality platforms helped Motorola expand booth traffic and increase lead generation.

Inside StrayLight’s 3D-XTC platforms, attendees zoomed through a sci-fi tunnel maze, encountering animated Motorola iDEN wireless phones along the way. Players were challenged to beat the high score of the day, by zapping as many iDEN phones as they could, within a 2.5 minute time frame. Free T-shirts were awarded to high scoring players.

People in the aisles were able to follow along with the Virtual Reality games in real-time, by viewing the game action on large monitors staged next to each 3D-XTC system. Booth traffic greatly increased over prior shows, as curious attendees gathered around the VR systems.

3D-XTC players participated in Motorola’s show slogan, ‘Experience the Future’, with StrayLight’s Virtual Reality technology. Virtual Reality allows people to completely immerse themselves in an artificial world - a world which exists only inside of a computer. To interact in this virtual world, people must wear sophisticated VR helmets (head mounted displays) and manipulate a hand controller. Although the technology is simple to use, Virtual Reality promotions excite both the young and old, by tricking the senses to believe you are literally somewhere else, a somewhere which doesn’t really exist.

With different Virtual Reality systems to choose from, StrayLight emphasizes that their client’s marketing objectives dictate the promotion, not the technology. "Before deciding which Virtual Technology to recommend, we always meet with our clients first, to learn more about their objectives." says Victoria Massulli, Director of Marketing. "Communicating our clients’ message and accomplishing their business goals is most important - the technology should be secondary."

StrayLight’s Virtual Reality services include event management and equipment rental, in addition to custom development and programming. Their custom production services also meet different budget levels: from full custom development services, to the modification of existing games and stereoscopic productions, to the rental of stock experiences.

For example, by modifying an existing 3D-XTC game, "Cozmik Debris II" instead of developing a new game, Motorola had a significant cost savings. The "Cozmik Debris II" game was designed specifically for corporate customization, lending itself naturally to the addition of product insertions, corporate logos, video clips and sound bites. StrayLight has modified games to include animated Coke bottles, AVIS rental cars, Danzka vodka bottles, automotive parts, recycled steel objects, pesky bacteria, and now Motorola wireless phones.