New VR Theater Launches for Pfizer's Lipitor
StrayLight Corp. launched it's new 3D Virtual Theater system at the American Heart Association (AHA) Conference, here in New Orleans . Eight of these 3D systems provided a unique and education experience to thousands of doctors eager to learn more about heart disease and Pfizer's Lipitor, Norvasc, and Caduet therapies.

Pfizer is the first to take advantage of StrayLight new 3D Virtual Theater system design, offering a number of new features and other improvements. Most visible are the new headmounted displays, with twice the visual resolution of prior displays, resulting in an exceptionally crisp image and panoramic wide screen display, all in eye-popping 3D. StrayLight also has developed a new 3D image server which not only produces double the resolution, but also, unlike most other theaters which gang multiple guests into the same show, each of StrayLight's guests can see an individual show, unfettered by the schedule or preferences of other guests. In the Pfizer booth at the AHA conference, there were eight individual 3D systems, making it easy for medical practitioners to sit down and start a show immediately. Another new feather is the advanced audio reproduction system in the headmounted displays and in the new 3D image server. Guests often commented on the realism of the audio and visual elements of the presentation.

Guests in the Pfizer booth were treated to an extraordinary 3D show: "The Anatomy of a Storm", based on a Storm Chaser's theme. Turbulent wind and rain virtually buffets each guest as they navigate a small aircraft into the clouds and the heart of a storm, symbolizing the cardiac storm which often accompanies heart disease. Once inside the storm, doctors learn more about Pfizer's therapies: Lipitor, Norvasc, and Caduet, and the storm calms. Throughout the seven and one half minute show, Pfizer's guests are exposed to a wealth of informative materials relating to these three drugs, and the Virtual Theater helped to ensure that each participant would absorb and retain this important information.

StrayLight's 8 seat Virtual Theater installation at AHA ensured that every visitor to Pfizer's booth had an opportunity to participate in the virtual experience, despite having over 20,000 attendees over the 3 day conference. These systems are modular, additional seats can be easily added for larger conferences or less seats used at smaller events. StrayLight has an extensive rental inventory for any size project.

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