VR Theater Goes Inside the Brain at Stroke Conference
Two of StrayLight's multi-seat Virtual Theaters offered practitioners a 3D "Incredible Voyage" in the AstraZeneca booth at the International Stroke Conference. For doctors, it was a whole new way of looking at the pathophysiology of ischemic stroke, the third leading killer in the US . This 3D experience took each guest deep into the brain, examining the cellular and sub-cellular aspects of this disease.

StrayLight equipped the AstraZeneca booth with two Virtual Theaters, each consisting of five head mounted displays and special motion seats which react the motion within the show. The Theater content was developed by Imed Studios. Although the show was well attended, the StrayLight theaters started a new show every three minutes, so that doctors could step right into the booth and see a show without waiting. StrayLight's hostesses would help each doctor into the wide screen 3D head mounted display, get them seated properly in the motion seats, and let them blast off for this incredible voyage.

The experience itself starts outside the skull, swooping into the brain, and then down to the neuron and synapse level. As the educational virtual experience continues, each guest is then shrunk down again to the sub-cellular level and vividly shown many of the results of recent research into the mechanisms of ischemic stroke. Finally, the guests are brought back up to size, once again and brought back outside the body. In just six minutes, StrayLight's 3D Virtual Theater gave doctors a whole new perspective on the topic.

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