3D Theater Visits Germany, Japan, and Korea for LTX
StrayLight Corp. has completed 4 worldwide trade show events for LTX Corporation, a leading supplier of semiconductor test equipment. Beginning in November, at the International Test Conference (ITC) in Washington D.C., StrayLight’s 6 seat Virtual Theater(tm) system sent thousands of booth visitors on an exhilarating 3D journey through the inner workings of LTX’s new product - Fusion. In less than 3 months, StrayLight’s Virtual Theater(tm) system traveled to shows in the USA, Germany, Japan, and Korea.

LTX was looking for an innovative way to launch their revolutionary testing platform to the semiconductor industry. The subject matter was highly complex and very technical; the only way to fully appreciate Fusion’s capabilities was to understand it’s inner workings. StrayLight’s Virtual Theater(tm) system was chosen to convey this message using highly sophisticated Virtual Reality Helmets and pulsating shaker chairs. Attendees were sent on a personal journey through the inside of Fusion - as if they were suddenly shrunk down in size and able to ride the currents through Fusion’s test processes.

From a first person’s perspective, the story takes the guest on a stereoscopic VR ride, where the images are three-dimensional and actually jump off the screen and surround the viewer. The 3D effects are extremely realistic, as both live stereo video and stereo animation were melded together for added excitement and authenticity. StrayLight was responsible for the technical development of this 7 minute stereoscopic presentation, which isolated the viewers from all trade show floor distractions, and completely immersed the audience in the Fusion experience. By involving many of the human senses, (site, sound and touch), the VR Theater educated visitors about LTX and Fusion in an amusement park format, for an unforgettable experience.

"The show was so successful that we decided to bring it to 3 more trade shows than we originally expected." boasts Rich Yerganian, Director of Communications, LTX Corporation. "StrayLight was a pleasure to work with. Especially given our short production time frame we couldn’t have asked for a better partner."

As system manufacturers, StrayLight was responsible for the rental of their Virtual Theater(tm) system, and all event management duties - installation and tear down, staffing and show operation, and technical support. StrayLight also provided a spokesperson to introduce each audience to the experience and instruct them on how to properly handle the Virtual Reality Helmets. Theater hosts also assisted with the helmet usage and sanitized the helmets between each show.

Curious attendees literally stopped in their tracks, wanting to learn more about the LTX event. The 6 seat Virtual Theater(tm) was beautifully showcased in a glass enclosed display booth for maximum traffic exposure. The booth was built by Davis Design of Fitchburg, Massachusetts and was designed as a stand alone display, so the enclosure could be used at multiple LTX functions.

StrayLight’s Virtual Theater(tm) for LTX debuted at the International Test Conference, Washington D.C., this past November. That same week the theater continued onto Munich, Germany for Productronica, to Chiba, Japan for SEMICON Japan, and to Seoul, Korea for SEMICON Korea. StrayLight’s Virtual Theater(tm) is already scheduled for SEMICON West.

LTX’s December Newsletter "TODAY" reported "Fusion…was clearly the darling of this year’s International Test Conference (ITC)…The largest trade show demonstration in LTX history, a packed LTX booth and a continuously running 3D Virtual Reality Theater underscored our customers’ and visitors’ enthusiastic response to our most recent technological innovation…another outstanding booth attraction…"

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