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StrayLight Corp. is the leading provider of Virtual Reality and Stereoscopic 3D systems. StrayLight's presentation technologies are immersive, i.e. our guests are inside a three dimensional, multisensorial world. We use stereoscopy, motion, and 3D sound woven together to create the illusion of being inside virtual worlds. StrayLight's presentations are often interactive as well. Guests have the abilities to move, look around, and act upon objects in these 3D worlds.

StrayLight is in its 15th year of operations serving the virtual reality market. Our geographic scope is world-wide.

In addition to our custom development services, StrayLight integrates two turn-key VR systems, 3D-XTC(tm), and Virtual Theaters(tm). Each immersive system incorporates individual high-end Virtual Reality Head Mounted Displays (HMDs), which allow for navigation through computer-generated environments.

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