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StrayLight is actively seeking international partners in the corporate marketing, tradeshow, and promotional tour areas. Over the past 15 years, StrayLight has launched hundreds of corporate promotions with world class Virtual Reality and 3D systems and software, not only within North America, but for numerous projects throughout the world. Maybe you've already seen our systems on tour!

We're looking for regional partners with specific experience in conducting trade show events and promotional tours on behalf of their local clients. We offer unique software and systems to make your client's projects unlike anything else in the market. Our equipment and software can be easily customized to suit each client's needs, and to suit local market conditions.

We invite you to learn from the case studies on our website. Here you'll see the wide variety of projects we've successfully delivered and how we've specifically tailored our Virtual Reality and 3D systems to each client. We collaborate with many of our current partners to help them develop amazing 3D and VR content, leveraging their abilities and cost advantages to create 3D movies and VR with local resources.

To make an inquiry, please provide detailed information about your firm, its capabilities relative to StrayLight's markets and technologies, the regions you market to and how you currently serve those markets, your position and involvement with your firm, corporate website, and a brief company history. Let us know if you have a specific client or project that you'd like us to respond to right away. Tell us how you'd like to see a partnership develop. We can help you to develop a blockbuster proposal for Virtual Reality or 3D.

Unfortunately, because of the number of inquiries we receive, we generally do not respond to requests from "throw-away" email accounts, such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail,, and other such services, unless supported by an extraordinarily strong corporate backgrounder. We prefer to hear from you through your firm's email or directly by phone.


So... let's get started. Send us an email and let's begin building a great partnership:


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