60 Virtual Theaters Tour
for ITT Education Services

StrayLight Corp. produced for ITT Educational Services, 60 Virtual Theater systems which are traveling across the nation. ITT uses these systems on a touring basis to recruit students for their highly regarded technical schools.

ITTs theater experience needs to handle upwards of 200 guests per experience. To achieve this high level of throughput, the head mounted displays and motion seats were dispensed with and polarized stereoscopic glasses are used instead. While there is no individual interaction in this experience, the high quality 3D graphics more than compensate.

These schools train skilled technicians for various high tech fields including computer aided design, electronics, and mechanical design. "What better way to market the leading technology educator, than through leading edge technology", says Glenn Tanner, Director of National Marketing for the ITT division. "These kids will be the driving force in the technologies of the future."



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