StrayLight Selected as
Virtual Reality Expert
For Exhibitor Show '96

StrayLight Explains How to Use VR
for Trade Show Enhancement

Las Vegas, Nevada, February 18, 1996 - The National Conference and Exhibition for Trade Show & Event Marketing Professionals has selected StrayLight Corp. of Warren, NJ to present their Virtual Reality Technologies at EXHIBITOR SHOW '96 in Las Vegas, Nevada, from February 18 - 22, 1996. Marketing Director, Victoria Massulli, will demonstrate StrayLight's VR games and immersive productions during the new "Electronic Theater: A Working Overview of New Presentation Technologies".

StrayLight will teach EXHIBITOR attendees how Virtual Reality can effectively be used to increase sales leads, draw attention to their booth, create a "buzz" on the show floor, and immerse clients inside their product and marketing message.

By using real-life examples, StrayLight will show how the power of Virtual Reality can directly increase sales efforts. For example, CableTron Systems nearly doubled the number of sales leads they collected, with the use of StrayLight's Virtual Theater system at the NetWorld+Interop 94 Show.

Through a simple 3 tier approach, StrayLight will explain how VR can be affordable for both the small and large exhibitor. Exhibitor's should be aware of the different levels when choosing a Virtual Reality Event:

Level #1 - the inexpensive "off-the-shelf" experience

Level #2 - the cost-effective means of slight customization (addition of products, logos, and marketing messages to existing adventures)

Level #3 - the Top of Line "WOW" factor, a fully customized Virtual Environment built around a specialized campaign.

At Exhibitor Show 96 StrayLight will be showcasing a small Virtual Theater. Virtual Theaters were developed by StrayLight to accommodate large audience throughput. By tapping into the audience's senses, attendees wear head mounted displays (HMDs), sit in impact/vibration seats, and journey together through stereoscopic worlds. StrayLight will be featuring a presentation which samples many of their custom productions, such as explorations of high speed computer networks, flights over the Cognac vineyards in France, and ski races through the Swiss Alps.

StrayLight's customers and clients include American Express, AT&T, AVIS, Blockbuster Entertainment, CableTron Systems, Coca-Cola, Cyber Event Group, Disney Resorts, Grateful Dead, Hennessy Cognac, ITT Educational Services, People Magazine, Samsung, Sci-Fi Channel, TAP Pharmaceuticals, Time Warner, USA Networks, and Westwood One.

StrayLight is a Virtual Reality equipment manufacturer and content producer. StrayLight has developed three turn-key entertainment systems, CyberTron(tm) , 3D∑ XTC(tm) , and Virtual Theaters. CyberTron(tm) is a successful gyroscopic motion-based VR system, best known as the first VR system to be permanently installed in Walt Disney World. CyberTron‘ systems are installed throughout the US, Europe, and the Far East. StrayLight has just released their latest VR entertainment system, 3D∑ XTC(tm) , a low cost VR system designed for the special event market. Prior to its introduction to the market, StrayLight had already sold a ten unit order of 3D∑ XTC(tm) systems for a nationwide promotional campaign beginning in the spring of 1996. Currently a 12 seat Virtual Theater is traveling to resorts and nightclubs throughout Thailand on a promotional tour for Hennessy Cognac.


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