Combating Teenage
Drinking and Driving:
Its "Déjà Vu" All Over Again

StrayLight Raises the Bar
With 3D Sequel
For Chicago High Schoolers'

Chicago, IL, Sept. 7, 2004 – Two and a half years ago StrayLight created a pioneering touring 3D attraction in the battle against teen drinking and driving with a 6 minute production entitled “Dead-On.” Fast forward to today’s launch of the sequel: “Déjà Vu”, a 13 minute 3D show which takes the concept to new heights through special effects production techniques, wrenching car crash stunt action, makeup, and prosthetics. “Déjà Vu” begins showing today in a StrayLight manufactured 3D theater inside a touring tractor-trailer which travels to Chicago area high schools under the auspices of the Cook County Sheriff’s Department.

StrayLight conceived and produced “Déjà Vu” around the concept of teenagers involved in the difficult decisions of driving responsibilities, by immersing them inside a 3D world, where the images literally jump off the giant screen. During each school day, Cook County officers bring classroom groups into the 3D theater, equip each student with special 3D glasses, and let them take the “Déjà Vu” experience. In addition to the eye-popping 3D graphics, students are seated on shaker chairs which add motion realism to the experience.

The show starts at the end of high school graduation, where the five lead characters (new graduates) fantasize about the possibilities for their lives; their dreams and aspirations. They all head off to an all night beach graduation party that begins tamely, but progresses into alcohol and drug abuse. When our lead characters drive off the next morning, the inevitable occurs, but with some unexpectedly tragic twists. The second half of “Déjà Vu” focuses on the months and years after the accident, the families of the dead, crippled victims; their plans for life cut short.

Unlike most productions of this genre, “Déjà Vu” was filmed around a real high speed crash, staged by stuntmen Kim Kahuna (Lethal Weapon III, Passenger 57) and Tommy McTeague. The 50 mph, two car collision, was filmed in 3D from seven different camera angles, including cameras inside both cars. The actual impact propelled one of the cars sideways almost 100 feet as it was crushed from the driver’s side. The resulting scene shows the crash in slow motion from multiple exterior angles as well as the trauma inflicted upon the un-seatbelted graduates inside. Police, Fire, and Rescue teams cordoned off the residential area while the stunt was being filmed, and then swarmed in to assist in the “rescue”.

The rescue is one of “Déjà Vu’s” most dramatic scenes as the fire/rescue teams use the jaws of life to extricate the students and their victims. One of the survivors is transported via helicopter to a trauma center, where we see her later. Makeup specialist, Dave Barton (A Beautiful Mind, Bicentennial Man, and The Usual Suspects), and his team, used their skills to create a realistic decapitation, several amputations, a crushed skull, and many other injuries typical of auto fatalities.

“Déjà Vu” shows teen drinking and driving not to be a victimless crime. In addition to the 3 drunken graduates who are killed, the second car involves a young mother and baby. Viewers careen into an ultra-close-up of the mother’s face at the moment of impact, as the graduates car makes a direct hit. The baby is left motherless and crying roadside and is finally carried off by an anguished police officer.

The 3D film follows the lives of the survivors and the loved ones of the departed through the ensuing months and years. The lives of siblings, parents, and friends are horribly changed by the incident. The tragedy sends ripples throughout the entire community.

Cast, StrayLight Team, Stuntmen, Fire/Rescue, and
local production team from Avid Communications

The Cook County Sheriff’s Department and StrayLight are actively working to have this compelling production introduced into other communities throughout the country. In the past 2½ years they have had remarkable success in Chicago area schools. There’s no doubt that that success can be duplicated nationwide.

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