Who We Are
StrayLight Corp. is in its 15th year of operations and is one of the oldest firms producing 3D, Virtual Reality, and Interactive Multimedia for corporate promotions. Through StrayLight's creativity and quality of work, we have built a strong reputation in this new industry as the leading supplier of reliable, portable, and high performance installations for trade shows, promotions, and special events.

What We Do
StrayLight supplies interactive cutting-edge 3D and VR experiences which are the heart of successful special event and on-premise promotions. StrayLight uses 3D and VR as a specialized media to capture consumer interest and present client messages with the greatest impact. StrayLight's content and systems take consumers inside their client's products and services by immersing them in computer-generated environments. These virtual environments allow our guests to interact with marketing messages, and therefore increase their retention levels by educating and entertaining simultaneously.

StrayLight works with clients through all phases of the development process; forming creative designs, producing custom software, integrating hardware, delivering systems, and providing technical training and support. Most importantly, StrayLight helps clients choose the most effective approach to meet their marketing needs such as; elevating brand awareness, re-enforcing a corporate image, increasing trade show booth traffic, increasing sales leads, providing unique entertainment, and attracting media attention.

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