StrayLight's Custom Theater Productions

Virtual Theater Production Highlights

“Evolution: A Fantasy Flight Through Time”: In January 2000, StrayLight released a beautifully animated 3-D production called “Evolution”. This production offers a 3-D fantasy flight through time where theater guests visit the deep sea, arctic vistas, a barren desert and outer space. This production now makes VR possible for clients who are unable to custom design their own 3-D theater experience, and “Evolution” can be branded with 3-D logos and messages. Guests enjoy an underwater swim among colorful coral reefs and dancing dolphins, and soar high above the frigid arctic landscape. Their journey also weaves them through the ancient ruins of Egypt, where to their surprise, they encounter deadly creatures guarding the precious pyramids.  Transported through a time portal, guests race through a futuristic city and are launched into outer space.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines – “Virtual Voyager”: In August of 1999, StrayLight’s new transportable Wide-Screen 3-D Theater was installed inside an expandable tractor-trailer for Royal Caribbean’s mobile promotion. Headlining this 2-year tour, StrayLight’s 30 seat Theater has a 20ft. wide screen, which immerses the audience in a realistic 3-D tour of Royal Caribbean’s newest cruise ship, Voyager of the Seas. StrayLight designed and developed the proprietary hardware system and also created the dramatic 3-D content, which gives the feeling of ‘really’ being on board the largest cruise ship in the world! The virtual tour includes an ice-skating rink, a golf course, a four-deck tall royal shopping promenade, a rock-climbing wall and graceful dolphins swimming shipside.
IBM - College Recruiting, "The Virtual Experience Tour": Inside StrayLight’s 3-D animated production, participants experience a three minute journey that portrays the diverse employment opportunities at IBM. From a first person’s perspective, participants experience entertaining IBM technology applications, ranging from realistic space voyages and molecular fly-throughs, to futuristic city explorations. In the fall of 1998, StrayLight delivered this full custom stereoscopic production inside two of their new Magna-Scope Theater systems. For 2 years, each theater system with travel around the U.S. visiting career fairs at top engineering universities, industry trade shows, and IBM sponsored events.
PGA TOUR and DIGIORNO Pizza, "A Virtual Hole in One!": Who would have known that golf could be such an adventure? Inside StrayLight’s STEREOSCOPIC animation, you experience a lonely golf ball’s journey through 3D eye-popping mishaps, from being chased by killer bees to being eaten by fish and alligators! Built inside the back of a themed-tractor trailer is a StrayLight projected theater system with paper 3D glasses. StrayLight provided the hardware and 3D content for the 2 year tour, which is conducting over 65 events in 1998.
Hennessy Cognac, "The Barrel Tour": Traveling throughout Thailand inside a giant 80 foot cognac barrel, StrayLight's 12 seat Virtual Theater is unique among VR promotional tours. Commenced in February 1995, the experience examines the complicated process of making fine cognac by transforming the audience into a distilled spirit and sending them on a 3D thrill ride through Hennessy's distillery. The prestigious "Barrel Tour" combines live 3D video with 3D computer images in order to transport guests to 18th century France. There the visitor flies through the vineyards of Cognac and tours the renowned Hennessy Estate. After returning to reality, guests are escorted upstairs to taste the cognac for themselves.
Hennessy Cognac, "The Barrel Tour - Part II": StrayLight Corp. developed new software in June 1996 for the second year of Hennessy's "The Barrel Tour". Increasing Hennessy Cognac sales over 600% at event sites, this VR extravaganza continues to travel to different clubs and restaurants throughout the Far East. Hennessy believed combining state of the art VR technology with the historical traditions of Hennessy would create the perfect medium to introduce cognac to a younger generation of drinkers.
AT&T, "The Future of the Wireless World": StrayLight built the first ever stereoscopic Virtual Theater for AT&T's "You Will" presentation at the CTIA Wireless '95 show in New Orleans, Louisiana. Handling over 200 people an hour, this 14 seat theater launched attendees into a fictional journey through the future of wireless communication, complete with explorations of high-end computer networks and ski races down the Swiss Alps.
AT&T, "Personal Communication Systems": In September 1995, StrayLight's second theater production for AT&T was presented at the PCS '95 trade show in Orlando, Florida. The virtual theater was designed and installed as a theater-in-the-round. "The Future is NOW" presentation raced participants through the inside of AT&T's complex switching and networking systems.
StrayLight, "U.F.O. - Upon Further Observation": SIGGRAPH '95 in Los Angeles, California, saw over 5,400 theater guests actually become the lead character in the debut of "U.F.O." Participants experienced abduction by an alien spaceship, examination by gruesome space creatures, and a race through psychedelic time warps. StrayLight's 3D science fiction adventure can be affordably customized and also be rented or purchased with this off-the-shelf experience.
ITT Educational Services, "Life Without a Higher Education": Since March of 1995, ITT Technical Schools have used 60 portable Virtual Theaters as part of their high school recruitment program. These stereoscopic theaters have already visited hundreds of schools throughout the US, demonstrating to high school students the importance of obtaining a higher education in an advancing technological world.
The American Hotel and Motel Association, "Hotel 2020": Traveling 25 years into the future, guests of The American Hotel & Motel Association's 84th Annual Convention experienced "Hotel 2020-The Hotel of the Future." Complete with bell-bots (robotic bellmen) and a telepresence chamber, StrayLight's Virtual Theater demonstrated to attendees how small hand held computers can act as personal digital assistants and coordinate everything from hotel check-in to accessing worldwide business transactions.
CableTron Systems, "Introducing the MMAC-PLUS": StrayLight introduced the first ever 26 seat Virtual Theater for CableTron Systems. Audience members were transformed into data packets and flown through the internals of CableTron's MMAC-PLUS network switching hub. This innovative marketing experience was launched at the Networld+Interop Spring '94 show, and CableTron has used the theater repeatedly throughout the years, both at trade shows and at their Rochester, NH headquarters.