StrayLight's 3D Virtual Theater Pilots FAM Tour of Hotel 2020

The American Hotel & Motel Association's Hotel of the Future


Atlanta, Georgia, April 24, 1995 - StrayLight Corp. announces their latest Virtual Reality wonder, a 3D Virtual Theater where the audience travels on a guided FAM tour into the hotel of the future - Hotel 2020. With a simple press of a button, attendees of The American Hotel & Motel Association's 84th Annual Convention in Atlanta, Georgia will explore more than just peach trees. They will travel 25 years into the future, into a technological world where small hand-held computers act as personal digital assistants and coordinate everything from hotel check in, to dinner reservations, to the immediate delivery of urgent video mail.

StrayLight's time capsule is known as a 3D Virtual Theater. Participants become completely immersed inside computer-generated worlds as they wear Virtual Reality, helmets equipped with small TV screens, sit in vibrating motion seats, and explore eye-popping 3D simulations. The AH&MA's development of Hotel 2020 demonstrates the willingness of the lodging industry to embrace new technologies. Through Virtual Reality travel agents and their clients will be able to familiarize themselves with facilities across the globe without ever having to leave their desk. With a simple voice command, business travelers, in a matter of seconds, will transform their room decor, access worldwide business transactions, or exercise on a virtual ski slope half way across the world - but more importantly, they will be able to still enjoy all the pleasures of home, such as family dinners and reading their children bed time stories.

Last year, the first ever Virtual Theater was developed by StrayLight to fill a growing need for VR entertainment with high guest throughput. Currently a 12 seat Virtual Theater is traveling to resorts and nightclubs throughout Thailand on a promotional tour for Hennessy Cognac. StrayLight has also installed theaters for AT&T, CableTron Systems, and over 60 theater locations for ITT Educational Services. StrayLight anticipates over 100 installations of its Virtual Theaters by mid 1995. Additionally, over the past two years StrayLight has supplied its CyberTron VR games with custom content for numerous promotional events and tours. StrayLight's gaming software for the CyberTron, a 2 ring gyroscopic VR entertainment system, can be also be easily customized to include logo placements and specific marketing messages.