StrayLight Products

VR Entertainment System
A low cost, portable stand-up VR platform which allows for simple assembly and ease of transport. Players compete inside 360 degree virtual environments. Immersive real-time game action includes texture mapped graphics and 3D audio. Designed from the ground up for on-site promotions and special events. Many stock and custom games are available.

Virtual Theater
Modular Entertainment System
An immersive full body experience allowing large groups to enjoy 3D, stereoscopic adventures. Complete with head mounted displays, impact/motion seats, and surround sound, Virtual Theaters(tm) can be configured from 4 to 50 seats. StrayLight's library of live video and animated 3D productions have delighted millions worldwide. Custom productions have delivered results for numerous corporate promotions. StrayLight's Virtual Theaters(tm) have been installed using Head Mounted Displays, Magna-Scopes, and 3D Projection Systems.

VR Entertainment
A two ring motion based platform which simulates the sensations of floating and flying. Players are completely immersed inside 360 degree virtual worlds. With a sophisticated, 6 degree of freedom tracking system, players interact with realistically shaded computer environments. Multiple systems can be linked for networked play. Games can be customized with logos, special messages, and sounds.

Photorealistic VR Software
A photorealistic VR software system for DOS which is used to create and explore highly complex 3D environments. Using designs from AutoDesk's 3D-Studio, scenes composed of hundreds of thousands of polygons, textures, reflections, shadows, and more become fully immersive. PhotoVR(tm) offers constant frame rates on any PC.