Photorealistic VR Software


PhotoVR is a photorealistic VR engine which is used to create and explore highly realistic three dimensional virtual environments. Users create 3D designs using popular CAD or animation software. PhotoVR is then employed to import these designs and interactively move around the 3D environment in realtime. Scenes may be of virtually unlimited complexity without any reduction in interactive performance.

PhotoVR directly imports three dimensional designs from AutoDesks 3D Studio. These designs are imported with all shading settings intact, including: lights, textures, colors, reflections, shadows, procedural textures, and bump maps.

PhotoVR is unique in that its interactive speed remains constant regardless of scene complexity. Speed is measured in terms of frame rates, i.e. the number of new views generated per second. Typically, PhotoVR delivers 8 frames per second for changing the users direction of view and 3-4 frames per second for motion within a scene. This remains constant whether a scene has 10 polygons or 100,000 polygons!

Support is provided for HMDs, videotape recorders, NTSC and VGA monitors. Input devices include: Logitech 6D, SpaceBall, Polhemus Isotrak, Ascension Bird, Trackball, Joystick, and Mouse.


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