CyberTron System

Virtual Reality Entertainment

VR - CyberTron Virtual Reality: Artificial intelligence allowing players to maneuver through, and interact with, computer generated virtual worlds.

Gyroscopic Platform: Two ring motion based platform simulating the sensations of floating and flying.

Physical Immersion: Manipulation of senses and emotions which transports the player from reality into new dimensions.

HMD - Head Mounted Display: Navigation, viewing, and listening tool - light weight - high resolution display - adjustable fit - 3D sound.

Hand Controller: Speed controller - target shooter - enemy detector

High-End Graphics: High quality computer images producing realistic virtual environments.

Customized Software: Add personalized messages, logos, and product shots into the virtual worlds of CyberTron.

Multi-Player Experiences: Networked CyberTron systems allow for multiple players to compete, cooperate, and interact inside the same virtual worlds.

External Monitors: Available for audience/crowd participation.

Specifications: Weight: 850 lb.
Power: 110/220 VAC,50/60 Hz, 600 Watts
Footprint: 72 sq. ft., 8 sq. m.

See the Cybertron at Walt Disney World