StrayLight’s V.P. Marketing, Victoria Massulli
Selected Guest Speaker at
TS2 2000, ‘The Trade Show About Trade Shows’

Featuring: Co-Speaker & Client, Donna Datre, Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals
“Virtual Reality Promotions – It’s More Than Just Fun and Games”

Warren, New Jersey, USA, June 30, 2000 - Victoria Massulli, StrayLight Corp.’s Vice President of Marketing, has been selected to be a guest speaker at the Trade Show Exhibitors Association’s TS2 2000 trade show event. The official ‘Trade Show About Trade Shows’ is running July 25th – 28th in Washington  D.C. Victoria will be running an educational session on Friday July 28th 8:00-9:30am entitled “Virtual Reality Promotions – It’s More Than Just Fun and Games”.

The session will emphasize how interesting technology may bring people into a tradeshow booth, but a unique experience that ties into a company’s marketing message, will build brand awareness and retention levels needed for success.

Conference attendees will learn the basic elements of Virtual Reality and 3-D technology, understand StrayLight’s simple 3-tier approach to custom designing a virtual environment, and will experience virtual environments first hand with a technology presentation of past trade show promotions.

Presenting with Victoria will be Donna Datre, Senior Convention Coordinator for Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals.  With a case-study approach, Donna and Victoria will discuss the successful Virtual Reality promotion developed for Accupril, a leading prescription treatment for hypertension. The Accupril Virtual Reality game was the hit of the American Diabetes Association trade show this month, with each of two StrayLight VR systems holding lines of 30 people or more. In a very entertaining way, the customized Virtual Reality experience shows how Accupril, on a molecular level, interacts in the human body.

StrayLight is the industry leader in custom designed Virtual Reality systems for entertainment, promotions and special events.  StrayLight’s VR systems have been installed worldwide for numerous Virtual Reality tours and marketing events, and have a proven track record of efficiency and reliability.  With product lines ranging from interactive VR game platforms to group stereoscopic Virtual Theater experiences, StrayLight specializes in creating 3-D custom content, working in both stereoscopic animation and stereoscopic live-action mediums.