StrayLight's 3D-XTC(tm) - Low Cost VR Entertainment


Stand-Up Pod with Texture Mapped Graphics


Warren, New Jersey, May 25, 1995 - StrayLight debuted 3D-XTC(tm) , a new low cost Virtual Reality Entertainment System at the VR World '95 Conference May 23 - 25, 1995 in San Jose. The most affordable VR System on the market, 3D-XTC(tm) is priced well within the budgets of small arcades, Family Entertainment Centers, LBE Centers, and bars/restaurants.

With high quality texture-mapped graphics, a light weight HMD, an extremely portable platform, and a footprint less than 12 square feet, 3D-XTC(tm) is the latest techno-wonder offering entertainment operators the fastest Virtual Reality Return On Investment. Owners will be able pay off their two system configuration in less than four months, with an estimated 40% capacity utilization and an average ticket price of $5 a play.

3D-XTC(tm) players have increased freedom of movement, as they stand inside a sleek black transporter pod and navigate through Virtual Reality worlds with a chromed HMD and a multi-functional hand controller. Pairs of 3D-XTC(tm) systems can be linked together for cooperative and competitive action. Weighing under 200 lbs., 3D-XTC(tm) is easy to transport and takes less than ten minutes to install and begin game play. This portable unit saves time and money for the special event market which entertains promotional/college tours, parties, fairs, festivals, and expositions. Marketing opportunities abound inside the virtual worlds of 3D-XTC(tm) ; the software can easily be customized with logos, product shots, specialized audio or creation of completely new experiences.

There is such a great demand for compact Virtual Reality systems, that a beta version of 3D-XTC(tm) has already been quite active in the customized rental market. For example, to conserve booth space and keep shipping costs to a minimum, last November AVIS imported two 3D-XTC(tm) systems to Lisbon, Portugal and offered travel agents from around the world the chance to journey through cyberspace into a mystical world filled with racing rental cars. Attendees lined up by the dozens for the chance to compete against their colleagues and see who could score the highest number of points. Used as a sales tool, the software was modified to include different colored cars, and players scored points for shooting at the competition's cars, and extra bonus points for hitting the red bonus AVIS car. AVIS was successful in increasing their booth traffic, as a large number of travel agents returned with new associates to play 3D-XTC(tm) three or four times!

With delivery dates already under way, 3D-XTC(tm) will include a software library with several game selections, ranging from fast paced thrill rides to non-violent relaxing experiences. StrayLight is already working closely with their clients to incorporate multiple CyberTron(tm) and 3D-XTC(tm) systems into their upcoming themed VR centers.

StrayLight Corp. developed CyberTron(tm) , a successful motion-based VR game, built on a 2 ring gyroscopic platform. CyberTron(tm) systems are installed throughout the US, Europe, and the Far East, and are also known as Walt Disney World's first permanent installation of immersive Virtual Reality with two units operating at Pleasure Island Resort in Orlando, Florida.

StrayLight has taken VR to the masses with their 3D Virtual Theaters. This HMD-based experience produces high audience throughput at a surprisingly low cost to the operator. Audience members are completely immersed in stereoscopic imagery as they journey through realistic worlds inside their own HMD and impact vibration seat. StrayLight will be demonstrating their latest 3D psychedelic theater experience, "U.F.O. - Upon Further Observation", at SIGGRAPH '95, an interactive computer graphic exposition from August 6 - 11 in Los Angeles, California.